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Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Sponsored REVIEW: the dollyeye Kira Kira blue

Hello everyone! 

Today I received a pair circle lenses sponsored by Uniqso!
Please check out their page, they have a really wide range of circle lenses!
The staff was absolutly lovely, I felt really welcome. Sadly the pair I chose went out of stock, but that was not really a problem because they have so many different circle lenses with really nice styles. I chose three pairs and left the choice which will be send to Uniqso and they sent this lovely lenses ♥

the dollyeye Kira Kira blue

Bubblewrap parcel
Content: The  Lenses were in this cute box & wrapped in bubblewrap as you can see & one lens case ♥

 Here is a picture from dollyeye.com:

The lenses were posted on 18th May and I received them today (31th May)!

That's what the tracking looks like~

The lenses look a bit like Fynale the Prodigurls - Ms. Gucci blue but the color is not that bright.
Even the DIA is only 14.2 the Kira Kira Lenses  have a good enlariging effect.

Moreover I have this discount code for my lovely readers x3
Visit Uniqso, choose your pair of lenses and enter the code at the checkout :)

Thank you for this lovely lenses Uniqso! ♥

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Cute items arrived ~♥

My giveaway is ending in 3 days. Click the picture for information how to enter! .w. ♥

Today I received many cute items *O*
They were at the customs before~ But they did not open the package ♥
That's what I received ♥
Finally I bought my own clothes basket. My little sis has her own and the one big one is "mine" but shes is always throwing her dirty clothes in this one T__T I don't want to sort her dirty things and I did not want to have the old big one in my room, so I bought this cute one ♥ Now I have to find a place for it ♥

Cute Post-Its

some sticker x3

A plug for my mobile's earphone-plug

A korean Memo-Board

Korilakkuma Mouse & Rilakkuma Mouse Pad

some japanese socks with lace ~ ♥

Rilakkuma Hanging Storage Bag
This storage bag is smaller as I thought~ I bought it for my washroom things like toothpaste, brush etc. I wanted to put in my shampoo, too, but maybe it's too small~ I'll see :)

Samstag, 5. Mai 2012