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Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

REVIEW: the Prodigurls - Ms. Fynale green (on blue eyes)

Hello everyone ♥

Here is an update for 

 the ProdiGurls - Ms. Fynale green


room light
natural light

Color & Design: 5 / 5 
These are definitly the best green lenses I ever had! ♥ I remember 'only' 5 pairs I had before maybe there are even more, but this are really great. They blend perfectly and have a nice and natural color. 
Enlargement:  5 / 5
DIA 16.0; The enlarging effect is great, too. But you can see that at the pictures, right? :)
Comfort: 3 / 5
The comfort is not so great like GEO Lenses though.
Overall:4 / 5
Overall score for these: 4 out of 5! 

Thank you for reading & watching .w.

Montag, 17. September 2012

Sponsored Review: Geo Flower Morning Glory Blue Lens WFL-A32

Hey guys!

Today I received a new pair of sponsored lenses:

 Geo Flower Morning Glory  WFL-A32

These lenses were kindly sponsored by 

I received the lenses after 12 days! :3
The staff was absolutely friendly and reliable!

Product Description by geocolouredlenses.com

The unique texture of the lens is inspired by variety of flower patterns.
Creates natural dolly eyes effect.

Specification by geocolouredlenses.com
Power Range: 0.00 (Available in Plano only)
Diameter: 15.0mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.60mm *that's not right, it's 8.70mm*
Water Content: 38~42% *it's 42% :)
1 year disposable

Parcel. Adresse was clearly printed :)

The parcel was thin but the lenses were safely wrapped :)


lovely vials

left: lens from the inside; right: lens from the outside

window light (With Canon SX220HS)

window light (with Samsung ST550)


room light


Color & Design: 5 / 5 
The flower design is really great and the color is clearly visible. I want to try them in green soon :D
Enlargement:  5 / 5
DIA 15.0; the enlargement is really great ♥
Comfort: 5 / 5
Really comfortable!:) I nearly forgot to took them out of my eye after taking the photos!
Overall: 5 / 5
Overall score for these: 5 out of 5! 
They are comfortable and have a cute floral design and lovely color! I love these lenses ♥

You want to buy these lenses , too? :)
 Please visit  geocolouredlenses.com/ ^___^
*click here for the direct link*

Thank you again for these lovely lenses ♥

& thank you for reading ♥

See you 

Sonntag, 9. September 2012

Eye Make Up Tutorial

Hello hello x3

I was asked o do a eye make up tutorial, so here it is! :)

It's quiet easy and you can wear in everyday life ^___~ This is how I look most of the time but without lashes and lenses because it's moe comfortable in everyday life :)

 This is what I use:
  • P2 Foundation
  • Missha's Perfect Cover; color 13
  • Highlighter to cover my dark circles
  • Manhatten Powder (lightest color)


This is what I look like after using the products mentioned above. The picture is not edited except the watermark

Eye Make Up Products:
  • P2 Perfect Eyes Base
  • Manhatten & Maybellin Eye Shadow
  • K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner "1 Day Tattoo"
  • Rival de Loop "Hollywood Mascara"
Apply the base

Apply the pink (Manhatten) eye shadow

Apply the medium dark (here grey) eye shadow

Apply a light eyeshadow under your eyebrow and from the inner corner of your eye in direction of the dark eye shadow

Use a soft brush to smooth everything. After that you use your eyeliner

Thats how it looks like after applying the eyeliner

Apply the mascara

Apply your lashes

That's it :)
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