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Sonntag, 9. September 2012

Eye Make Up Tutorial

Hello hello x3

I was asked o do a eye make up tutorial, so here it is! :)

It's quiet easy and you can wear in everyday life ^___~ This is how I look most of the time but without lashes and lenses because it's moe comfortable in everyday life :)

 This is what I use:
  • P2 Foundation
  • Missha's Perfect Cover; color 13
  • Highlighter to cover my dark circles
  • Manhatten Powder (lightest color)


This is what I look like after using the products mentioned above. The picture is not edited except the watermark

Eye Make Up Products:
  • P2 Perfect Eyes Base
  • Manhatten & Maybellin Eye Shadow
  • K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner "1 Day Tattoo"
  • Rival de Loop "Hollywood Mascara"
Apply the base

Apply the pink (Manhatten) eye shadow

Apply the medium dark (here grey) eye shadow

Apply a light eyeshadow under your eyebrow and from the inner corner of your eye in direction of the dark eye shadow

Use a soft brush to smooth everything. After that you use your eyeliner

Thats how it looks like after applying the eyeliner

Apply the mascara

Apply your lashes

That's it :)
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