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Samstag, 8. September 2012

REVIEW: GEO WT-A55 Alice grey

Hello my dear readers :)
It's been a while since my last post but now I'm back with a new review :)

But first~
I just found again a shop which is using my pictures and even claim them as their own by tagging them with their own watermarks .___. 
Until today I posted most of my pictures without watermarks but recently I found several shops using my pictures without permission and some like the shop mentioned above watermark my pictures and claiming them as theirs. So sadly I'll watermark my pictures with my own watermark. I don't really like it but what can  I do?
I asked them to put the pictures down and I'll have a chat with my lawyer next week.

If you are curious if they use and watermark your pictures too, here are the links
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

This was the answer they send me today:

Thank you for your message and sorry for the photo but it seems that you are famous because nobody in our team takes photos from blogs but from banks of images, so it means that somebody else must have taken these pictures first.

Anyway the result is the same and we have deleted your pictures.

Sorry again.

Best regards,

So, if there is a shop who wants me to take pictures with their product it's no problem. I can do sponsored reviews or sell my pictures to you.

So, now onto the lenses!

I aleady reviewed these lenses in blue here.


vials from the top

lenses in the vials

and in the case

close up

window light
room light

window light
room light

Color & Design: 5 / 5 
I really realy love these lenses. Once I had EOS Pure grey which are very similar and they were one of my best lenses. 
The design is really great & I think they look great with every eyecolor :)
Enlargement:  5 / 5
DIA 15.0; perfect enlargement ♥
Comfort: 5 / 5
Really comfortable!:)
Overall: 5 / 5
Overall score for these: 5 out of 5! 
They are comfortable and have a natural design and color! I love these lenses ♥


  1. Hi! Where did you buy these lenses?
    I'm lookig for some light blue/light grey lensen which look really natural on light blue eyes and only make my eyes bigger. Would you recommend these ones for me?

    1. I would definitly recommend these!
      I bought these from Uniqso(I think)! I had these in blue and green, too, here is the blue of the blue ones:
      But I think if you eyes are light blue i would recommend the grey ones :)

      Here is a link to buy these lenses
      10% OFF Code: NDM10 ^o^

  2. Wow these are great! We have kind of similar eye colours. I saw your review on uniqso cause I'm looking for some new grey lenses and these look excellent!~
    You're absolutely beautiful by the way. (✿◠‿◠)

    ♥ Bec


    1. Thank you ^___^
      These lenses are really lovely! Natural & comfortable. I think they will look great on you ♥

  3. Woww!! you are lovely and these look gorgeous on your eyes.
    What lenses should i get? I am tan; black hairs and big brown eyes. Will these suit me?
    oh and uniqso is my favorite place to buy circle lenses from ^_^.
    Did you know they are having anniversary celebrations this month? Like you can get a pair free on buyinh two pairs and also an instax mini 25! Woww; I wish i had enough money to buy two pairs together :P

    1. Hello and thank you for your lovely comment :3
      I think grey lenses are perfect for every eyecolor. They always look great ^o^
      EOS Max Pure grey are similar to Alice grey but i think they are more obviously and woud look great on you! Here is a picture i found:

      Uniqso are really great. I have so many lenses from them ♥ Always friendly and i never had problems with customs with their packages! :)
      I received their mail about anniversary special, too ^___^

  4. All the sites you mentioned are MIRROR SITES; mean there is the same team behind all the three sites. I guess Solution-Lens is the main site and the other two versions are mirror. Sometimes companies have more than 1 sites to get more exposure and rank highly for SEO.

    Anyway using someone's else pictures without permission is a crime and believe me i have read mnay more reviews from bloggers claiming that solution-lens is stealing their photos. This time they agreed to you very easily and took the pictures down; but like a month ago or so I read a review from a blogger and she was like frustrated because they argued with her alot. I will never buy from a store that is not honest >_<

    You are lucky hon!

    Thanks for the review; these look gorgeous on your eyes ^_^

    1. I would never buy from them, too .___.
      I received one pair for sponsored review later, but it was really fishy >.< I'm not sure if the lenses are autentic. i wore them only about 30 Minutes for the review and never again >.<

      This lenses~

      Everything is in thai written on the vials and i don't feel safe at all >O<