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Montag, 25. Februar 2013

REVIEW & Giveaway: Vassen Kitty Kawaii Tofi Nanny blue sponsored by solution-lens

Hello ๓(๑•o-๑)๓ 

I'm here again with a review for solution-lens! They have a facebook page, too :)

I received an email asking if I want to get a free pair to review ^o^ Thank you ♥

I chose i.Fairy Tofi blue and received them within only two weeks!

wrapped in much bubble wrap!

came with a cute pig case and a pencil (not at the photo, sorry >.<")

really amazing color

But I was kind of curious why everything is in Thai and they are called Nanny blue and not i.Fairy Tofi blue~ It seems Vassen produce different versions of their lenses. Here are the Pretty lenses shown *click*
Moreover I was kind of confused when the package arrived! Because it even came from thailand and I did not expect it to come from there xD 

outer curve

inner curve

bathroom light

window light

window light (a fried said it looks like final fantasy xD)

I used my new Clair Beauty wig for the photos ^o^
The quality is really great ♥

Now I'll start with aquestionary received from solution-lens:
- What is the natural color of your eyes and style
As most of you may know my natural eyecolor is blue, sometimes kind of greyish~

- What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands
Mhh~ I like GEO, fynale and Beuberry a lot but i'm open to any brand

- Do you often wear color lenses (which brands?)
No, I don't. Sadly I can't wear lenses that often anymore. Some of you know that I got my eyes lasered summer 2012. Since then my eyes are really dry, so I can't wear the lenses any longer than 30-60 Minutes or such~ Just enough to take some photos with them! 
Before my operation I wore Circle Lenses quiet a lot as option to my glasses :)

- Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, friends...)
 I found solution-lens through google. They were using my pictures at their page without asking me, so I contacted them about the matter. That was my first time I had contact with solution-lens~

- What contact lenses you like on our store (put photos and links)
 There is such a wide range at solution-lens, I can hardly decide!

- Is our website easy to visit / browse
Yes, I think so!
- Is our customer service good / quick
 They replied to my mails within 24 hours, nice! :)

Here is my conclusion for the lenses
Color: 3 / 5 
The color is too vibrant for me. I think it great for dark eyes where it's hard too see blue color! 

Design 5/5
The design of the lenses is really great

Enlargement:  5 / 5
DIA 14.5; the enlargement is really great ♥ Seeing my pictures I thought they are at least 16mm!

Overall: 4 / 5
Overall score for these: 4 out of 5! 
I love the cute floral design, but the color is too vibrant for me. I think these lenses are great for people who like flashier lenses or maybe for cosplay? And for people with a dark eyecolor who would love to have blue eyes ♥

You want to buy these lenses , too? :)
 Please *click here for the direct link*

GIVEAWAY ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Moreover Solution-Lens has a permanent giveaway, it is easy to enter and you can win a free pair of Circle Lenses and enter each month! :)
So please visit them * h e r e *

Thank you for reading ♥

See you 


  1. I had these lenses and they were so unique and vibrant!! You look good with them btw ^^


  2. Oh my gosh they look so nice on you! Jealous of your gorgeous natural eye colour though!
    I follow you, check out my blog? (:

    ♥♥♥ from

  3. Omgg?! I really love contact lenses? But i don't know how to join to you're Giveaway?! :'( Help me please.

    1. It's not my Giveaway. It is hold by solution-lens, dear :)
      Please contact them for any further questions:

  4. i.Fairy lenses has its own authentic sticker. is really suspicious that the brand labelling sticker is different why is it call Pretty and not i.Fairy ? and they still call it i.Fairy and give it to you?

    You shouldn't have receive i.Fairy lenses from Thailand even if they are agents or dropshippers. You should be receiving them from Malaysia which i.Fairy Enterprise is.... Even if they look the same, is too suspicious to have them delivered from Thailand plus calling it i.Fairy when is not even i.Fairy just using big contact lens names. Don't think i am able to trust this solution-lens company. >_<

    1. Thank you for your comment! I never had i.fairy lens before, so i did not know about the sticker >.<
      On their page it is not really stated which brand the lenses are. I was offered to choose one pair for sponsored review and thought these looked nice!
      Here is the link to the product:

      I asked them about the matter, too:
      t your page is stated that your "lenses directly come from Korean lenses manufacturers factories in Korea as Geo, Vassen and Dueba". But I wonder why these are from Thailand, at least everything is written in Thai, only a small printed VASSEN can be found. I searched for these lenses at other shops and could rarely find "Nanny blue" and the Tofi blue lenses packing looks different~ I saw this post at your page:
      but I can only find it at your page and nowhere else~ So, I wonder why everything is in thai and if they are really authentic. I'm really curious about it! I'll review after I heard from you, thanks!

      But i can't find their reply anymore, but i remember i was given this link:
      http://sunnbon.com/ and they said something about the different versions @.@ Not really transparent for the customers~

      I think it's kind of suspicious, too. I just used the lenses for this review. Even they are comfortable, i'm feeling kind of insecure, though~