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Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

REVIEW: the Prodigurls - Ms. Fynale green (on blue eyes)

Hello everyone ♥

Here is an update for 

 the ProdiGurls - Ms. Fynale green


room light
natural light

Color & Design: 5 / 5 
These are definitly the best green lenses I ever had! ♥ I remember 'only' 5 pairs I had before maybe there are even more, but this are really great. They blend perfectly and have a nice and natural color. 
Enlargement:  5 / 5
DIA 16.0; The enlarging effect is great, too. But you can see that at the pictures, right? :)
Comfort: 3 / 5
The comfort is not so great like GEO Lenses though.
Overall:4 / 5
Overall score for these: 4 out of 5! 

Thank you for reading & watching .w.

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