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Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Cute sleepwear arrived! *O*

I received four new pyjamas *O* 

1st pyjama

I thought it may be of some poor and thin quality but it's not! It's made of soft cotton & really cute ♥

2nd pyjama

3rd pyjama

and the last one ♥ Same design as Number 3, but with long pants and shirt and in purple ♥

 Now I'll clean up my clostet and sort out my pyjamas *____*

Moreover I entered Uniqsos monthly contest. 
Please like the picture *click* and share it with your friends. Please help me to win this contest ♥

Thank you .w. ♥


  1. The PJs are all so flowery and cute! :))

  2. kawaii~! ^^
    look a like Lizlisa's model

  3. oh ich mag alle außer das erste am meisten, obwohl das auch super ist, aber alle anderen sind einfach so unglaublich schön ^____^

  4. Danke fürs followen^^ Hab gleich mal zurück gefollowed^^ Dein Blog is ja süß und du bist total hübsch *-*