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Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

Sponsored REVIEW: GEO medical - Aster WT-C13 (Uniqso)

 Welcome my dear readers ♥

After my first Review for Uniqso I was asked to do another one for the GEO Xtra Series. I was so happy ^___^
 Thank you so much, Uniqso! ♥

So, today I received the lenses! Shipping time was 15 days and here it is:

parcel ^o^

The lenses in the cute Uniqso packing :3

It's WT-C13. I didn't know which I will get. I let Uniqso choose :D

I LOVE the design! I have the same in blue, but didn't open them yet!

close up! :)
natural eyecolor + lashes
with WT-C13
I would love to wear these lenses for a longer time, but due to my lasik operation three weeks ago my eyes are still too dry to wear lenses for a longer time. But it was long enough to make some photos ^o^
 As you can see these lenses blends perfectly with my natural eyecolor :)


These green Lenses are perfect for my blue-grey eyes. They blend in perfectly. The color is really pleasant and the enlarging effect is good. I already have thses lenses in blue, because I love the design ^o^ 
I'll review the blue ones when I'm back from Tokyo ^-^

Thank you for these lenses and your lovely service, Uniqso!

Don't forget to visit Uniqso page. They have a really wide wide range of contact lenses!
Moreover I have this 10%-OFF discount code for my lovely readers x3
Here you go ♥


  1. you look great with those lenses! <3 i love the color ^^

    1. Thank you so much, dear ♥
      The color is really great. Some green lenses are too intensive, but these are perfect ^o^

  2. They blend really well with your eyes! And the color is a bit green-ish right? They're not too bright green, but just a perfect amount! (else it'll look so fake, but these are really natural). Have fun in Tokyo!

    1. Yes, the color is green ^__^ But like you said, just the perfect amount ^o^

      Thank you ♥

  3. Those blend in such a nice way!And the design looks so interesting on your eyes!Oh myyyy I wish I could go to Tokyo.

    If you don't mind, please check out/follow my blog :)

    1. I waited over one year to go again ^o^ Finally the time has come *___*

      Followed x3 ♥