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Montag, 18. Mai 2015

Introduction to Pinky Paradise ~ largest Circle Lens Online Store ♥

Hello ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶

It has been a long time since my last post, but now I'm back with a post about Pinky Paradise \0/
I think most of you knows Pinky Paradise. For those who don't: it is the largest and best-known Circle Lens Online Store with a wide range of different models!

To find the best lenses for you there are different categories to choose from:

Each of these categories has a drop-down-menu you can choose from: different colors, brands (like GEO, G&G, Princess Pinky, Hana SPC, Super Pinky, Phantasee, Venus Eye, EOS, Seeshell Cosmo and Vassen), with prescription/degree, diameter (14.0 up to 22.0mm) and more :)

There are some "special categories" which are really interesting: 
- Cosplay will help you to find the perfect lenses for your cosplay.
- Effect has some listed categories like natural (♥) vibrant, colorful and more. 

I think the choice for the category "natural" is really nice. I would like to try many of these lenses ♥

- There is even an option for light eyes where they show you lenses which are recommended for light eye colors. It's the first time I see something like this and I really like it. I'm often asked by girls with a light eyecolor which lenses they should choose to achieve a natural, vibrant, enlarging or dramatic look, so I think this category may help people with light eyes :3

So, my next entry will be about the lens itself from pinkyparadise! I will try one pair and show it to you, but I'm quiet not sure yet which pair it will be, so stay tuned :D

Last but not least I received PinkyParadise Coupon Code.
By entering the coupon code "Tofupandahime"
1. You'll receive a FREE cute animal lens case & a mystery gift ♥
2. The coupon code can be stacked, if you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens cases plus 3 mystery gifts ♥ ♥
 3. A minimum of 1 pair of circle lens purchased to activate the code.

With love,

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