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Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

First Post, yaay :D Review: Beautylabo's Bubble Hair Dye

Hello and welcome to my Blog! :)
Because there were a few people who asked me about having a blog I will give it a try and start one :)
I'll try to write most of my blog in english *^* But my english is not that good though~

So let's start with a little review of Beautylabo's Bubble Hair Color :D

 Before coloring:
  outgrown color >_<"
Color chart: Maple Cholcolate

When I opened the the wrapping there was a nice sweet smell **

And now the nice sweet smell is gone and it reeks .__.
 color is in my hair...
...and while waiting for 30min I wtached LIE TO ME
After washing and drying

I liked this colouration ^-^
But once before I used some that smells better. But the colour is okay, I hoped that it would be a little bit darker though~
But even after coloring my hair feels soft and sleek. The color is evenly and it was easy to apply.
A litte more comfortable was the hair color from Prettia. There was a pump to get the foam out of the tank.
All things considered I think I would buy this colouration again :D

Received items today:
My new Schedule book 2012

Thank you for reading ♥

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