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Sonntag, 6. November 2011

Recent purchases and Sakurinas GIRLS LIFE Movie

Wow, nearly a month passed since my last post~
The time goes by so fast >__<

I bought some lovely things *___*
Lovely Liz Lisa Dress & Bow Blouse *-*

I really love this dress ♥

Moreover I bought this shoes:

I hope they will arrive soon! >-< And that they'll fit *^*
It's decided that I'll have my eye exam and operation in June 2012 and I don't know yet if I can continue wearing lenses after the operation, so I decided to buy some new for the next half year:
Fynale Neko Grey

Fynale Neko Grey

Fynale Kiwi Black

Fynale Kiwi Black

Fynale J13 blue

And I'm selling some of my stuff at Livejournal! :)
You can find Visual Kei Items and Gyaru related stuff! Brands like Liz Lisa, Tralala, Cecil McBee and more ^-^

And last but not least: 
Sakurinas GIRLS LIFE Movie 
no subs
.avi version 630MB

Für euch hab ich noch ein paar Freebies, die ich in letzter Zeit gefunden habe :D

einfach probieren; auch mehrfach möglich und Chips gewinnen :D

Rambo ♥

 Thank you for reading ♥

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