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Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

Sponsored REVIEW: Beuberry Summer blue (Sponsor: Uniqso)

Hellooo ^o^

Today I received my package from UNIQSO! 
Thank you so much for these lovely lenses! 


The package arrived after 19 days ^___^
That was inside ^o^ I love the cute packing ♥
packing spam ♥

First peek at the lenses *o*

The lens wants to stay in its vial xD

They are soooo beautiful!! Such a lovely desing and color >o<"" ♥

inside: it is quiet light so that you'll see the lenses even at dark eyes :)

My real eyecolor:

And now the pictures with Beuberry Summer blue lenses:


without make up

My lash.....xD
room light

Do you like the floral design? :)

Design:  5/5
Really, really cute design! I absolutly love it!

Color:  5/5 
The color is really nice. I think it will look good with all eyecolors!

Enlargement:   5/5
The enlargement is perfect! DIA is 16.00 and I think it does not look too big!

Comfort while weraing (~30 Minutes):  4/5
First it was kind of pricking, but later it was ok. They are quiet comfortable and my eyes are not that dry like normal after wearing lenses :)

Overall:   4,75/ 5
Absolute lovely lenses! I want to try them in green and grey, too ^o^

With this code you will get 10% off!
 Visit Uniqso, choose your pair of lenses and enter the code at the checkout :)

Thank you for reading ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


  1. Ich liebe dein pinkes Augen Make up :3 ich trage das auch gerne mal so^^
    und der Enlargement Efect der CLs ist wahnsinnig toll ^__^

    1. Danke ^.^ Ich habe den Lidschatten diesmal recht extrem aufgetragen, damit man es auf den Fotos sieht x3 Aus dem Haus hätte ich mich so nicht getraut, aber auf den Bilder ists von der Intensität okay ^.^

  2. Wow, es sieht richtig schön aus! *o* deine Augen sehen so schön aus mit diesen circle lenses!

  3. That circle lens looks beautiful in ur eyes.. Really cute design.. ;)
    Btw im ur new follower.. Would you mind to follow back?


    1. Thank you ^____^
      And welcome ^o^ I'll follow you back ♥

  4. Die Linsen sind wirklich klasse und die stehen dir so gut :3