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Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013

[Review] FYNALE 148 - Jewel grey on blue greyish eyes

Hello my lovely readers ♥

Nearly two month passed since my last lens review :O I'm really surprised, time is flowing by so fast >.<"

Today I'm going to review Fynales new lenses: JEWEL grey ♥
Postage from Malaysia took 35 days Q___Q So long and EMS would be too expensive (17€ for 4 pair lenses >.<). When I order from Rakuten I pay ~14€ for EMS shipping (300g) Q___Q

But now onto the lenses!


from the side

Lenses in the blisters

Lens details

Jewel grey ♥

inner curve

in the lens case
window light

room light

close up 1

close up2

close up3 *room light*

Mobile Phone Quality~ 

Sooo, enough picture spam! What do yu think?
They are lovely aren't they? ♥
I like them a lot ^____^

Design:  5/5
Really, really lovely and natural design!

Color:  5/5 
The color is really nice. Perfect for my blue-greyish eyes ♥
But I think they look good on every eye color ^w^ 

Enlargement:   5/5
Perfect! Like Fynale promise: Perfect Diameter ♥
Comfort while weraing (~30 Minutes):  5/5
No problems, really comfortable! Maybe because of the low water content.
My eyes
are always kind of dry and i read that lenses with low water content are better for dry eyes ^-^

Overall:   5/ 5
Absolute lovely lenses. Please try them yourself!! *O*

Thank you for reading my review ♥
Comments would be nice ^w^

Thank you ♥


  1. Why are you so pretty????? :') These lenses are absolutely PEEERRRFECT for your eye color! I also really like the pattern on these...Gotta get one for myself. *o*
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment ♥
      I saw a picture showing these lenses on darkbrown eyes and it looks stunning, too *O* ♥

  2. I really like the colour and I think they fit you very well. ^^

  3. Woww these are so pretty. are these available at uniqso? I am afraid of online shopping especially when it is international. I have my trust on uniqso; because i once bought from them and now always buy from them. I wish i find these at uniqso

    1. It seems like UNIQSO does not sell Fynale brand anymore >o<"" I just checked their page and couldn't find any Fynale lenses :(