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Dienstag, 13. August 2013

[Review] FYNALE Classics - Nudy grey on blue greyish eyes

Hello ^w^

I'm back with a new review of Fynale Lenses :3 This time I bought the Nudy grey lenses. Some years ago I had GEO's Nudy and Ultra Nudy grey and I loved them so much ♥ 

So here are some pictures with Fynale's Nudy grey ^___^

lenses in the case

Zoom in

Close up (window light)

Close up (room light)

I like how they blend with my natural eye color ♥

By the way~ last nigt I dreamt that Fynale finally released new blue lenses!! XDD I hope they really do that soon ^___^

And some camwhoring :P

Design:  5/5
Like I wrote above I had GEO Nudy Lenses before and loved them so much, that I wanted to try Fynale's version ♥ Desing = Love ^-^ But you should choose a color near to your real eye color. I had GEO's Nudy lenses in brown, too, and the color of the lenses mixed up with my real eye color and the "new" color looked really really weird >.<

Anyway grey looks always great
^-^ Color:  5/5 
The color is really nice. Perfect for my blue-greyish eyes ♥
But I would recommend them for dark eyes, too :)
Enlargement:   5/5
The DIA is only 14.5, but the enlargement looks much bigger!
Comfort while weraing (~30 Minutes):  4/5
First they were kind of itchy, but only for the first minutes wearing them :3

Overall:   4.75/ 5
Really lovely lenses! Worth a try! :)

Thank you for reading my review^w^
If you like it or want to say anything, please feel free to leave a comment ♥

Thank you ♥


  1. It seems like they open up your eyes a lot more!


  2. wow I really like those lenses o.o !!

    1. Nudy lenses are great! ♥
      I had some similar from GEO before and I loved them ♥ Now I have them from Fynale :)

  3. I love their lens ^^ ,anyway you're pretty